Japanese(Tokyo, Yokohama)famous erotic massage for women

Welcome to Japan My name is shizuku. A 35 year old Japanese man. I have been working on erotic massage for women since 2015.

Our features

〇 Erotic massage for women who do not do mouth-to-mouth kiss, cunnilingus
  ※No worries about sexually transmitted diseases. Because there is no contact between the mucous membranes.

〇 You can enjoy the best pleasure by mature skills.
   ※ No tools are used. Caressing the whole body with hands and kisses


◯ Only women over the age of 18 can receive service.

◯  Visit to accommodation only one person stays

◯  Prohibition of video shooting and photography

◯  Unsimulated sex is prohibited by law

◯  Customers are completely passive like an esthetic

◯  E-mail exchange because I am not good at English


180 minutes
※ 120 minutes for massage, 60 minutes for preparation and cleanup

Amount of money

23,000 yen + rental room price (Adult hotel)
※Possible to visit accommodation. In that case the rental room is free

Rental room price (Adult hotel)

About 4,000 to 7,000 yen
※ Depends on area, time, rank, availability on the day

Visit area

Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Kinshicho, Yokohama, Kawasaki
※ In the case of massage at the accommodation, it is possible to go outside the area

Notes on booking

◯ May be filled with reservations. I would like three preferred dates as much as possible.

◯  We will contact you from "refreshsalonange@gmail.com". If you have set up junk e-mail, please put this e-mail address in the allowed list

◯  If there is no contact within 24 hours, there is a possibility that your reception setting is not completed or your email address is wrong

Booking Form

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